Quickstart Guide for Sales Reps

This Quickstart Guide will walk you through using Circa as a Sales Rep for the first time. 

If you're not a sales representative or in a similar role at your company, you may want to check out the Quickstart Guides for Admins or Event Managers.

The Events Dashboard

After signing into Circa, you'll see the events that you're working on and have access to on the Events Dashboard by default. This is the best place to view all of your Event information in one place.

  • Get back to this view at any time by clicking My Events, All Events or Upcoming Events in the lefthand sidebar.
  • Add or remove filters and columns by using the Filters and Columns dropdown menus to create your own view of the info and status for each event.  
  • Use the icons along the upper right to can view events as a list, calendar or map. 
  • Click the actions menu in the upper right to download the current view as a spreadsheet or subscribe to your Team's events via calendar update.

Read even more about the Events Dashboard here.

Published Event Calendars

In addition to the Events Dashboard, the Event Managers at your company may have given you a standalone URL to a Published Event Calendar. Published Event Calendars can show more events that you may have access to view on your Events Dashboard.

You can tell if you're on a Published Event Calendar because the page will have a url like   circa.co/event_calendars/share/xyz, a title and a custom background, such as a branded solid color or image. Published Event Calendars can also be embedded on your company's intranet, wiki or website.

Event Briefs

Event Briefs are a web page, Google Doc or PDF designed to present all the info that you need to represent your company at an event. They can contain event information including floor plans, Staff, Meetings, Schedules, Tasks and more. 

There are several ways to access an Event Brief:

  • From the Events Dashboard, use the actions menu (look for the three dots) at the far right of the table
  • In an individual event, use the actions menu at the top right
  • Click on an event name on a Published Event Calendar

Event Request Forms

If your Org Admin has created an Event Request Form, you can request new events for your company. You can find the Event Request Form in a few places:

  • The blue "Request an event" button located at the top, left of your Events Dashboard
  • The blue "Request an event" button included at the top, left of Published Event Calendars
  • With an Event Request Form link

Once you've submitted an Event Request, you will receive an email confirmation. Click Update Event Request at the bottom of the email to return to the Form and update the information you submitted at any time.

You will receive another email notification when your Event Request has been reviewed. If your Request is returned for more information by the reviewer, the email sent to you will include any notes the reviewer left for you, and it will also include a link for you to update your Request.

Meeting Scheduler

Calendar Integration

To share your availability based on your calendar, click your avatar in the top, left-hand corner of the sidebar and select Account Settings from the dropdown menu.

  1. Navigate to the Calendar Settings tab and click the blue Connect Calendar button
  2. Select Outlook, Google Calendar or your preferred calendar app

Scheduling Link

To share your scheduling link, go to the Meetings tab in an event from the Events Dashboard and click the blue Share availability button.

  1. Start by selecting the Meeting Type from the dropdown at the top left of window
  2. You can find your individual Scheduling Link or use the Any Available Staff link for a round robin

When you share your Scheduling Link with someone, they'll be able to book a meeting with you based on your calendar availability and you'll both receive the calendar invite.

Read more about how Meeting Scheduler works here.

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