How do I create custom views of the Events Dashboard?

Use the column and filter tools to create specific event lists to view and share

Once your Circa Workspace is populated with thousands of events you'll want to use filters and columns to quickly locate relevant data, organize specific lists, and create custom views depending on what you want to see and who you want to share it with.

Adding or removing columns

To add or remove columns, click the Columns drop-down menu in the upper right. Columns are grouped by their type. You can search by column name to get quicker access to what you need.

Enable filters

Click the Filters drop-down menu in the upper-right. 

Use the "Save View" Control to get back to your list in the future.

You can save a view to have quick access to different cross-sections of your events such as teams, organizers, market segment, etc. You can filter, sort and save by your custom fields to make the event list reflect your role and process. 

Share your Customized list using the "Share Link"

You can also publish these saved view right from the same page. Read more about publishing calendars in this help article.

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