Introduction to Event Intel

Track competitor, partner, and industry events

Event Intel by Circa enables you to search a growing list of 100% publicly-sourced and verified b2b events. 

With an Event Intel by Circa account, you have the ability to search, save, and track competitor, partner, and industry events and you can use the Chrome Extension to capture new events you come across on the web directly from your browser or add an event URL directly from your account. 

Event Intel by Circa captures the following fields for every b2b event you save.

  • Event Name
  • Dates
  • Description
  • Format (Virtual, In-Person or Hybrid)
  • Location
  • Hosts
  • Sponsors
  • Speakers
  • and more coming soon!

Please note that events must be b2b (no birthday parties, weddings, etc...) and the event website or page must be accessible in English. Past events work great too.

Learn more about creating an Event Intel account here.

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