How do I submit events to Event Intel by Circa?

Use the Chrome extension or URL form to capture and save event data

There are two ways to submit events to the Event Intel database.
1. When you are signed into your Event Intel account you can add events directly from the event registration or webpage using the Chrome Extension by clicking on the Event Intel icon in your browser.

2. Use the URL webform - URLs can be for an individual event or for a company events calendar

Your submission will be processed in one business day.

To qualify events must meet the following baseline requirements:

  • B2b events¬†only. No b2c events. No food fairs, concerts, weddings, etc.
  • Must have a publicly accessible event webpage. No login, authorization, or membership is required to visit basic event info
  • English language. Most international b2b events are available in English.
  • No training programs, event they have dates and locations.

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