Downloading Your Saved Intel Events

Capture and save events using Intel by Circa and then log-in to your account to view and download

Whether planning your upcoming events schedule, researching events you may want to attend or tracking competitor events, Intel by Circa makes it easy to capture that data using the Event Intel by Circa chrome extension.

You are doing your part by adding that event to the free, ever-growing Event Intel database for others to search. Thank you! You also have the ability to browse events in the database and save those to your registered account. And now with our new downloading capabilities you have the option to easily download any events you have saved to a CSV file.

Here's how:

When you find an event you'd like to save, select 'Save' from the action column. Click on the 'Saved Events' tab to see a display of any events you have saved.

From the 'Saved Events' view you can select 'Download' to export your list as a CSV file. VoilĂ !

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