How do I use Circa to plan virtual events?

Unlock ROI from virtual events.

Creating and planning virtual events and webinars in Circa is easy to do and helps your team track and gain insight into all of the activities that contribute to your success. You can register attendees, collaborate across teams, report ROI and more -  all within the same platform you already use to plan in-person events.

Creating a virtual event

To create a new virtual event or webinar, either click the blue "Create New Event" button at the top of the All Events dashboard or click the plus symbol at the top of the sidebar.

  • Within the Create New Event window, select "Enter Virtual/Online Link" and paste the URL for the Event's Virtual Location.
  • You can also separately enter a website for the Virtual Event, such as its landing or social media page. 
  • At this stage you can optionally import a Checklist from a previous virtual event or from one of Event's Community Checklist Templates.

Once you've created the new event, navigate to its Info tab. Here you can track additional information such as Event Type. We recommend using Event Type to track Virtual Events and/or Webinars, so it's easy to build reports based on this information later.  

Registration with Circa

With the Registration suite, you can customize Registration Forms for events and webinars and track registrant data back to your CRM.

  • Create and publish unique and highly customizable Registration Forms per event.
  • Tailor each form with custom qualification questions to collect the exact data you need/want from registrants.
  • Optionally restrict emails to [email protected] (blocking Gmail, etc.)
  • Automatically send calendar invites to registrants.
  • Track registration data in realtime and sync attendees with your CRM.
  • Create a custom subdomain for each event Registration form.

Read more about creating Registration Forms and tracking attendee data here.

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