How do I create and update Contacts?

Updating Contact Profiles

To view or update Contacts stored within Circa, navigate to Org Reports & Settings > Contacts, Vendors or Companies.

When you click on an individual Contact, Company, or Vendor record you will see their Profile. This will display any standard or Custom Fields that are enabled for Contacts within Org Reports & Settings. 

  • A Contact Profile also shows any Events or Meetings that the Contact has been added to, as well as any Event Requests they have submitted. 
  • A Company Profile shows all Contacts that have been added to that Company.

Multiselect & bulk update Contacts

You can select multiple Contacts by clicking the checkbox next to the Contact Name. From there you can bulk update information, add Contacts to Event(s) or delete Contact records.

Deleting Contacts

To delete multiple Contacts, see the Multiselect section above.

To delete an individual Contact, click into their Profile and use the actions menu (three gray dots) in the upper-right corner of the page to select "Remove from Org." 

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