Business card scanner integrations

Capture contacts quickly using this handy integration

Business card scanner apps are a great way to capture contact info on the fly. With the use of a mobile app and your phone's camera you can snap a shot of a business card and the relevant info will be parsed into contact fields and added to your database. 

And with Circa's Zapier integration you can define your trigger or action (zaps!) and that contact info will be automatically added to Circa in real time.


Two popular contact management apps that offer a lot of flexibility are Contacts+ and Evernote. Zapier has a list of business card scanner apps you can check out as well. Or if you have a business card scanner you are already using enter it into the Zapier search bar & see if it is supported.


Once you find a compatible app and have created an account you'll want to connect it to your Circa account using the Zapier integration.

Head to configurations > integrations and select Zapier.

You'll see the following text:

To get started, you’ll need a Zapier account. Click below to get started with 
Zapier and be one of the first to take advantage of this new feature.

Click on the button 'Circa on Zapier' below. This will take you to the Circa integrations page on Zapier. Enter the name of your preferred app using the 'search for apps to connect' searchbar.

This is where you will configure your trigger or action. Learn more about setting up 'Zaps' here.

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