How do I set up the field mapping between Circa and Marketo?

Map contact, company and attendance between Circa and Marketo

After you've enabled the Marketo Integration, the next step is to map your Contact fields in Circa with Leads in Marketo. Note that these Integration Settings are only accessible by Workspace Admins

Contact Field Mapping

The Circa integration requires mapping the following Contact fields to sync with Marketo Leads:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email
  • Company

Optionally, you can map additional Contact and Company fields with Marketo from the same tab.

Note that you may need to create the Contact field in Circa first. (See How to set up custom fields on Contacts.)

Attendance Field Mapping (Optional)

Optionally, you can also map Attendance, as tracked in Circa, with Marketo. Attendance Status indicates whether a Contact registered and attended an event. 

If the event in Circa is integrated with a videoconferencing platform, such as Zoom or GoTo Webinar, you can also send the Contact's Time Spent and other digital engagement signals to Marketo.

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