1) Quickstart Guide for Workspace Admins

Initial set up for first Circa Workspace Admin

Watch the corresponding webinar here.

As the first Workspace Admin, you will want to integrate the Circa platform with any tools your marketing and lead gen teams are using and then customize your Workspace. Below is a basic to-do list with links to support documentation. We recommend working with your IT team on integrations first and then customizing your Fields, Templates, and Forms to suit the needs of your teams. Finally, you'll want to invite other users with the appropriate permissions.

Our success team is available to help every step of the way so please reach out if you need assistance or have questions at success@circa.co.

  1. Set up Integrations:
    1. Zoom / GoTo Webinar
    2. Salesforce / CRM
    3. Enable SSO
  2. Event Set Up
    1. Customize Event Fields
    2. Create your first event
    3. Import Events
  3. Workspace Configuration
    1. Create Teams
    2. Customize Budget Reporting
    3. Customize Saved Views, Calendars, Request Forms, Briefs
  4. Invite/Add Users
    1. Onboard marketing and sales teams

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