How do I import Contacts?

How to format your file or use our template to upload multiple contacts

Importing Contacts from a spreadsheet 

Preparing your spreadsheet 

When preparing a spreadsheet for import your columns will need to be modified to reflect the fields that are enabled and required within your Contacts > Settings.

Importing your CSV spreadsheet

To import your prepared Contacts spreadsheet: 

  1. Click the actions menu (three gray dots) in the upper right corner of your WorkspaceContacts or in the Contacts tab of an Event.
    • If you import a CSV within an event Contacts tab, they will automatically be added to that Event as well as your Contacts.
  2. After uploading your file, you will be prompted to map the column headers of your file (on the left) with the correct Event Contact Fields (on the right). 
  3. If there were any errors during the import, you will be notified and see an option to download a .csv file containing the error codes.

Use this spreadsheet template as a guide

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