How do I import Budgets from a spreadsheet?

Quickly bring your Event Budgets up to speed by importing Expenses. You can create Expenses in one or many Events with a single import.

All of Circa's built-in Expense and Payment fields can be used to create new Expenses via import: 

  • Event ID (required)
    • To get Event ID for an individual event, navigate to the Events Dashboard and enable the Event ID column in the Metadata section of the Add Columns menu.
  • Expense Name (required)
  • Amount (required)
  • Currency
  • Payment Type
  • Payment Status
    • Payment Status will default to "Unpaid" if no Payment Status column is included in the import file
  • Payment Due Date
  • Payment Method
  • Paid Date
  • PO #
  • Ref. Code
  • Note

Imports should be in a CSV spreadsheet format with a row for each Expense and a column header for each field. Here's an example import spreadsheet you can use for reference.

Importing Budgets

To import a prepared CSV Budget spreadsheet:

  1. Navigate to Reporting > Budget Import.
  2. Click the "Import Expenses" button.
  3. A window will open that will prompt you to choose a file to upload. Note that only a CSV file can be uploaded.
  4. Next, map the column headers of your file (on the left) with the correct Circa event fields (on the right).
  5. Click "Next" once you have all the fields mapped. 
  6. The next page will ask you to confirm that you are ready to import the events. If you're ready, click  Import.

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