How does Event Info CRM Sync work?

Sync Event Info directly between Circa and Salesforce

Event Info Sync with Salesforce CRM enables your team to drive higher event ROI by providing visibility into key drivers.

All Event Info fields, including Custom Fields, can be synced with Salesforce Campaigns and set up via simple field mapping

Sync Direction & Locked Fields

You can sync Event Info fields from Circa to Salesforce Campaigns or vice-versa. 

  • If a field is synced TO Salesforce, then the field will be updatable on Events in Circa and the field value will be sent to the connected Salesforce Campaign.
  • If the field is synced FROM Salesforce, then the field will not be updatable in Circa and must be updated on the Salesforce Campaign connected to the Event. 
  • When a field is synced From Salesforce, it will appear with a lock icon on the Event and Salesforce becomes the "source of truth" for that field.

Synced Picklists & Locked Field Values

When you sync a picklist field between Circa and Salesforce, Salesforce becomes the "source of truth" for the list of values that are available in Circa on that picklist.

  • The list of picklist values cannot be updated when the picklist is synced with Salesforce. This applies whether the picklist is synced TO Salesforce or FROM Salesforce.
  • The picklist values appear with a lock icon within Settings > Event Info.
  • As with any synced field, you cannot update it in Circa if it is synced FROM Salesforce. However, you can update picklist fields on individual Events synced TO Salesforce.

Sync Frequency

The Sync works in near real-time, so any updates made to Contacts should appear in Salesforce within a couple of minutes.

  • Whenever an update is made in an Event, Circa immediately pushes the update to the Salesforce
  • Circa pulls updates from Salesforce Campaigns into connected Events hourly

A few notes:

  1. When syncing a field From Salesforce, any existing values for that field in Circa will be overwritten. 
  2. Syncing a picklist field with Salesforce, in either direction, will overwrite any existing values on that picklist field in Event.

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