How does Contacts CRM Sync work?

Contacts Sync helps event and field marketers capture all of the contacts and meetings from their events and sync them to Salesforce.

Syncing Contacts between Circa and Salesforce can be set up quickly with simple field mapping and a few additional considerations.

Syncing Contacts

Contacts in Circa belong to your Workspace and can be added to multiple Events and Meetings.

If a Contact is added to an event and the event is connected to a Salesforce Campaign, then the Contact will appear in Salesforce as a Campaign Member.

Contacts must have a Company to sync with Salesforce, whether they are tagged as a Lead or Customer.

Sync Direction

Contacts Sync can only run from Circa to Salesforce. If new Leads or Contacts are added to Salesforce, they will not automatically appear in Circa unless they are connected to an Opportunity in Salesforce.

Updates to Contacts are bidirectional - meaning any changes made in either Circa or Salesforce will be automatically updated on both platforms. But be aware that Contacts are linked based off of email addresses, so if an email address is changed in either platform the Contact will no longer be synced, and will need to be updated manually on both platforms to re-sync.

Sync Frequency

The Sync works in near real-time, so any updates made to Contacts should appear in Salesforce within a couple of minutes.

  • Whenever an update is made in an Event, Circa immediately pushes the update to the Salesforce.
  • Circa pulls updates from Salesforce Campaigns into connected Events hourly.

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