Meeting Scheduler overview

Set meeting availability and scheduling capabilities for your team

Once a Workspace Admin has set Meeting Types and customized Booking Forms, Team Members and Event Staff can schedule and manage Meetings within the Meetings tab of individual events.

Read more about connecting your calendar to Meeting Scheduler and setting up Meeting Scheduler.

Sharing availability for Meetings

You can share your team's availability for Meetings at Events in a few simple steps. Navigate to the Meetings tab within an event and:

  1. Add Meeting Rooms and designate: room name and/or number, capacity, location, equipment notes and a general description.
    • When booking new Meetings, Rooms will be automatically assigned in a Round Robin.
    • If no Room is available for the Meeting the location will be set to TBD.
    • If your Event doesn't have Rooms or temporary Meeting spaces, you can set a Default Location for all Meetings instead.
  2. Add Event Staff within the Staff tab of an event and check the "Available for Meetings" checkbox next to their name.
  3. Ensure Event Staff have connected Outlook or Google Calendar to their accounts. This only needs to be done once - then they'll be available to add to Meeting Scheduler for any Event.

Sharing availability for a single Event Staff Member

To share availability for an individual Event Staffer:

  1. Click into and event and select the 'Meetings" tab
  2. Click the the "Share Availability" button.
  3. Select the Meeting Type from the available options, set up by your Workspace Admin.
  4. Click to copy the scheduling link or embed code next to the Staffer's name, which links to a scheduling page.

Sharing availability in a Round Robin

To share availability for multiple Event Staffers in a round robin, follow steps one and two listed above. Then, use the Any Available Staff scheduling link.

Managing already-scheduled Meetings

Changing Meeting Rooms

To switch the Meeting Room assigned to a particular Meeting, first click on the Meeting from the Calendar view to access the Meeting profile.

  • Make sure that Room is selected from the Location Type dropdown menu.
  • Open the Select Room dropdown menu to choose the new Room you'd like to assign to the Meeting.
  • If the Room is already assigned to another Meeting, you will need to go into that Meeting and remove it.

Rescheduling or cancelling Meetings

To reschedule or cancel a Meeting, first click on the Meeting from the Calendar view to access the Meeting profile. There is a Reschedule button and a separate Cancel button.

Exporting Meetings

To export a list of Meetings from an Event, first click into the Meetings tab. Next, click the actions menu in the upper right-hand corner and select Download Meetings List (CSV).

A few notes:

  1. Time slots seen in the Booking Form by Contacts do not reflect Room availability. Contacts can still book Meetings with Staffers when they're available but a Room is not.
  2. After signing up for a Meeting, Contacts will receive an automated calendar invite via email.
  3. Contacts are also given the option to reschedule or cancel Meetings through links provided in the calendar invitation.

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