How do I set up Meeting Scheduler for my Team?

Meeting Scheduler set up guide for Workspace Admins.

Meeting Scheduler streamlines the scheduling of onsite, in-person Meetings for Event Staff and Contacts. 

Workspace Admins can set Meeting type and duration, customize Booking Forms, create Rooms (i.e. temporary meeting spaces at events) and then share availability for Team Members and Event Staff who have connected their calendars to their Circa Workspace.

Read more about connecting your calendar to Meeting Scheduler and managing Meetings once scheduled.

Setting Meeting Duration

Workspace Admins can set the duration and description of Meetings with Meeting Types. To create or update Meeting Types, navigate to the Settings > Meetings.

  1. Click the Add Meeting Type button to create a new one.
  2. To update an existing Meeting Type, simply click on it.
  3. Meeting Types will become available for Meetings in any Event throughout your Workspace. 
  4. When you share your team's availability for an Event, you'll select from your self-created Meeting Types.

Customizing Booking Forms

Booking Forms can be customized for each Meeting Type that is set within a Workspace. Contacts will fill out the Booking Form as the last step of the Meeting scheduling process.

To customize or update Booking Forms, navigate to the Settings menu > Meetings > click into the Meeting type  > select Booking Form from sidebar:

Fields within Booking Forms 

The Booking Form will mirror customizations you've made within Contact Settings. Meaning any fields you have marked as required for People will also be required in the Booking Form.

If your organization has Salesforce CRM sync turned on, your booking form will pull required fields from both People and Companies. If your organization does not have Salesforce sync turned on, then you will have the option to include Companies fields.

  • Click Add Field to add in additional People or Company fields that you would like in your Booking Form.
  • Each new field must contain a question and be mapped with an existing Contact field.
  • Determine whether new fields you've added will be required within your Form.
  • To edit an existing field, hover over it with your mouse and click the pencil icon.
  • To delete an existing field, click into the field and then click the trash icon.
  • To re-order the existing fields within your form, hover over a field and then drag-and-drop the ⠿ handlebars.

Setting up Meeting Rooms

Meeting Rooms are temporary meeting spaces added to Circa to be used within individual events. To add a new Room to an event, navigate to the Meetings tab within an event and click the purple "Add Room" button.

For each Room you can designate:

  • Room name and/or number
  • Capacity
  • Location
  • Equipment notes
  • General description

When booking new Meetings, Rooms will be automatically assigned in a Round Robin. If no Room is available for the Meeting, the location will be set to TBD.

Booking Meetings without Meeting Rooms

If your event doesn't have Rooms or temporary Meeting spaces, you can set a Default Location for all Meetings instead. 

To set a Default Location for all Meetings at an event, flip the Default Location toggle on the Rooms tab and set a Default Location using text.

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