How do I add Notes to my Event?

Keep track of miscellaneous information regarding a specific event, all in one spot.

The Notes tab is perfect for keeping track of miscellaneous information regarding a specific event all in one spot. You can add and title multiple Notes individually.

To add a new Note, select an event and navigate to the Notes tab. Next, click the blue "Add new note" button. 

  • The Notes area comes with a rich editor for styling text and creating headers and lists.
  • Format copy with  bold, italics, headers, bullets or numbering as well as links and emojis. 😺   
  • Add images to Notes by selecting the image icon from the editor, and choose one of the upload methods. 
  • Optionally modify an image's size within the Note. 
  • Copy or delete a Note, or remove it from an Event Brief, by clicking the actions menu (three gray dots) in the upper-right corner of each Note.

A few notes:

  1. Regardless of who created a Note, any user who is an Admin, Full Access Team Member or an Event Staff member with Full Access to the event can edit the Note.
  2. Notes are displayed as part of Event Briefs by default. Org Admins and Full Access members can choose to hide or add Notes to Event Briefs. Learn more about Event Briefs.
  3. A member must have Full Access to be able to add a Note to an event. 

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