How do I create and manage Budget Reports?

Circa's budgeting tools enable efficient planning, management and reporting.

Learn how to track Event Budgets on a micro level for individual Events as well as on the macro level, across your entire Event Marketing channel. 

Read more about creating and tracking expenses at the Event-level here.

Workspace Budget Settings

You can quickly set your Fiscal Year and default currency as well as apply quarterly planned Budgets across Teams all in one place. Simply navigate to Reporting  > Budgets.

Note that only Workspace Admins have access to these settings.

Expense Categories

Circa's powerful budget reporting capabilities are built on Expense Categories. Default Expense Categories can easily be edited, removed, and customized by adding new Expense Categories to better reflect your budgeting practices. 

Admin-Level Budget Reporting

Event Managers can find Planned, Actual and Paid amounts in Budget Reporting charts and tables.

To build Budget Reports for events throughout your Workspace, navigate to Reports > Budgets. Here you can use the various "Group by" options, along with Filters, to build a report tailored to your company's specific needs.

  • Admins can create Saved Views to quickly generate powerful reports based on past saved filters and groupings. 
  • Use the actions menu (three gray dots) on the right to export reports, including Expenses and Payments.
  • Note that Workspace Admins can build reports for all Teams, while Full Access Team Members can only build reports for Teams they belong to.

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