How do I publish Event Briefs?

Easily share the most important information about your events via web page, Google Doc or PDF.

Event Briefs are a single responsive web page, Google Doc or PDF designed to present all the information that Event Staff need to execute an event.

Workspace Admins can customize the Brief Template globally for all Events in their Workspace. At the Event level, individual Event Briefs are created according to the Brief Template, though some customizations can also be made. 

Once you create an Event, the Event Brief will auto populate and can be viewed by clicking into selected Event and then clicking the View Brief option in the upper right corner.

Once you are viewing the the Event Brief you have the options to download, copy link or embed. Copy and paste the URL to share, or grab the embed code to publish to a webpage.

Editing individual Event Briefs

At the Event level, each Event Brief is created from the fields selected in the Brief Template. Team Members with Full Access to the Event can add or remove individual Contacts, Notes and Attachments from the Event, providing the flexibility to customize the Brief for their use. Full Access members can also override the Template Permissions, making the Event Brief accessible to public or restricting access to Team Members only.

There are two ways to edit an individual Brief:

  1. From the Events Dashboard, hover over the actions menu (three gray dots) of an individual event that appears on the right-hand side. Select "Edit Brief" from the drop-down menu.
  2. Within an individual event, click the 'View Brief' in the upper right-hand side of the screen and then select Edit Content from the options in the upper right hand corner of the Event Brief Preview.

Once inside the Event Brief Editor, you'll see the sidebar with sections to select Contacts, Notes and Attachments from the event that you want included in the Brief. There's also a Permissions section which lets you override the default Permissions set at the admin level.

There are a few things to keep in mind when opting to add Attachments to your Event Brief:

  • PDF attachments will be appended to the Brief PDF export into a single, combined PDF.
  • PDF attachments will appears as links in the Brief webpage or Google Doc.
  • Image attachments will be viewable in the Brief on web, Google Doc or PDF.
  • Other types of attachments, such as Excel files, will appear as links and initiate a download when clicked.

A few notes:

  1. Event Briefs come with your Team's logo, font and colors. You can update these within your Workspace Style Settings.
  2. Event Briefs update in real time - any event updates you make inside Circa will update and be reflected within shared Event Briefs right away.

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