How to create Event Brief Templates

Establish an Event Brief Template and set permissions for use throughout your organization

Event Briefs are clear and concise way to share pertinent information with your teams about specific events. But first, you will want to create an Event Brief Template to determine what information you would like to include and also to set permissions for sharing.
Note: only Workspace Admins can customize the Brief Template.

To create an Event Brief Template select the gear icon from the icon tray to open up the Settings Menu > Events > Brief Template:

Once inside the builder there are two side tabs:

Contents & Layout is where you will determine the look of your brief and the required information. Use the drop down field menus and on/off toggles to edit and customize the design of your Event Briefs. 

  • To enable a section, toggle the switch on
  • To open a section, click the > carat
  • To enable or disable an item, check the check box
  • To rearrange an item or section, drag-and-drop the ⠿ handlebars
  • Enable personalization to show members only their own Schedules, Meetings, etc.

Default Permissions is where you will set sharing permissions for your Event Briefs.
There are four options available:

  • Public, for sharing Briefs that anyone can access who has the link
  • Single Sign-On (SSO), for sharing Briefs that only people at your company can access
  • Org Members, for sharing Briefs that only in Members with Circa accounts can view
  • Disabled, for Briefs that only you and other Admins can access

Once you create an Event, the Event Brief will auto populate and can be viewed by clicking into selected Event and then clicking the View Brief option in the upper right corner.

A few notes:

  1. As an Admin, you can also enable the Briefs column on Shared Event Lists so that List visitors can view or download Briefs too.
  2. Once shared, Event Briefs update in real time - any event updates you make inside Circa will update your Event Briefs right away.
  3. Viewers of an Event Brief URL can opt to download the Brief as a PDF or a Google Doc.
  4. Full Access Team Members have the option to override the Template Permissions and make the Event Brief accessible to the public or restricting access to members only by navigating to the Events Dashboard selecting the actions menu all the way to the right of an Event and then selecting "Edit Brief."

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