Updating User Type & Permissions

Upgrade or downgrade users to Admin, Team Member or Event Staff

As an Admin or Team Member, you can update or remove another user from your Workspace, Teams or Events. Be sure you understand the different types of Permissions before updating or removing another user's access.

View Workspace Members & Profiles

To view and manage your Workspace Members, click on the briefcase icon in the sidebar and go to Members.

Every Member has a profile, which you can view by clicking on their name.


Add Team Members

To add an existing Workspace Member to a Team, go to their profile and click on the Add to Team button. Then select the Team from the dropdown menu.


Downgrade Team Members to Event Staff

To downgrade a Team Member to Event Staff, click the actions menu on the right side of the Team row in Teams section. Note that removing a Member from a Team does not affect their status on specific Events as an Event Staffer.


Add, update or remove Event Staff

To add a Member as Event Staff, go to the Staff tab in an Event and click on the Add to Staff button. You can also do this from the Events section of the Workspace Member's Profile.

To remove a Staff Member, go the right of the table row in the Event Staff tab or Event section of the Member Profile and click the actions menu.

You can also update the Member's Permissions, giving them Full, Limited or No Access to specific Events.


Add or downgrade Admins

To make a Workspace Member an Admin, or convert an Admin to a regular Workspace Member, go their profile and click on the actions menu in the upper right.

Removing Members

To remove a Workspace Member from your Workspace entirely, go their profile and click the actions menu in the upper right.


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