How do I setup custom fields on Contacts?

Customize the contact data you choose to collect and track

Contact fields can be customized to suit your company’s needs. Access and update Contact Settings by navigating to the Settings Menu in the Icon Tray, and selecting Contacts from the sidebar menu. You will see four tabs across the top of the table: Contacts, Attendance, Companies, and Vendors. Each of these tabs will allow you to toggle off/on fields and as many additional custom fields as you wish. 

Form Settings Functionality

Enabled and Required Fields

Workspace Admins can enable or disable Contact Fields by clicking the toggle on the right side of each Contact Field table row. A few special System Fields cannot be disabled, renamed or reordered. These System Fields will be greyed out. 

Any Contact Field that has the "Required" box checked will require that this field be filled out whenever a new Contact is created. Required Fields are enforced across the platform (Registration Forms, Lead Capture, etc).

Re-order and rename Fields

Drag-and-drop fields to re-order how they appear on Contact Profiles and Forms using the handlebars icon at the beginning of each row. A Contact Field's name can also be easily updated as well. 

Custom Fields

Workspace Admins can create unlimited Custom Fields by clicking the "Add New Field" button at the bottom of the table.


  • When adding a new Custom Field, select the Field Type, Name, Requirements, and reorder on Contact Profiles and Forms, as desired
  • Field Type is validated on data entry, so that URLs must be valid, Numbers must be integers, etc
  • Member Fields return a Single or Multi-select picklist of Workspace Members

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