How do I create, share and manage event Schedules?

Create, personalize and share schedules for your team and collaborators.

Detailed schedules created for your team and collaborators are an invaluable reference tool during an event. Schedules break down the days of an event into an hour-by-hour or even minute-by-minute plan, and you can create up to five unique schedules within each event. 

Creating Schedules

To create a new Schedule, navigate to the Schedule tab within an individual event and click the blue + button along the top of the page. From there you can add to, edit and customize your Schedule as needed:

  • Each Schedule has a default name set within your Team Settings. Edit a Schedule's name by double clicking on it or by clicking the down carat next to the name and selecting "Rename."
  • Use the carat dropdown next to the Schedule name to delete, copy or share the Schedule, or to rearrange the order of your Schedules (if you've created more than one within an event).
  • Schedule items are time slots and live within schedule days.
  • To add a Title to a day, hover over the day's date with your mouse and select "Add Title." 
  • When you add a Schedule item, you can give the item a title, description, location and participants. 
  • As you add and edit Schedule days and items, they will move around dynamically to fall into the correct chronological order.
  • The logo, fonts and colors of your Schedules can all be customized within Workspace settings menu.

Managing multiple Schedules

You can create and manage up to five unique Schedules within each of your events. Multiple Schedules are great for managing event Teams, collaborators, speakers, session tracks, etc.

Once you've set up multiple Schedules, you can view them together in a grid by clicking the grid icon in the upper right.

  • Click on the Schedule names to make them appear or disappear within the grid.
  • Each Schedule has its own color.
  • Click on individual Schedule items to see their descriptions, locations and participants.

Personalizing Schedules

To personalize a Schedule for a participant, select their name from the Filter by Participant dropdown menu. The filter will remove any days or items which don't have the selected Teammate as a participant. 

Sharing Schedules

As a final step, you can share Schedules by publish to web, exporting to calendar (ICS), printing (PDF) or exporting (Google Doc). Schedules can also be shared and personalized using Event Briefs.

You can find these sharing options by clicking the actions menu in the upper right corner of the Schedule tab within an event.

  • Publish to web: This creates a mobile-friendly web page with an obscure URL that will make it virtually impossible to find unless someone has the link. Use the "Make it public" toggle in the upper left to enable access for anyone with the link, no download required.
  • Export to calendar (ICS): Simply download the .ics file and then click "OK" to add the event to your calendar.
  • Print (PDF): This will open a new window allowing you to save or print your schedule.
  • Export (Google Doc): When downloaded as a Google Doc, you can make additional changes or updates to the content or design of your schedule as desired.

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