How do time zones work in Circa?

Time zones automatically update to reflect an Event's location.

All Events within Circa have a time zone that updates to reflect the time zone of the Event's location. If an Event does not have a location, or is designated as a Virtual Event, then the time zone will default to the zone of the user who created the Event.

The following elements of an Event will update to the time zone:

  1. Task due dates and times
  2. Schedule dates and times
  3. Calendar dates

To update your default time zone, go to Account Settings, click the Preferences tab, then select from the Time Zone drop-down menu.

A few notes:

  1. Calendar views in Circa are weekly and monthly. Though they don't show time, the dates do reflect event time zones.
  2. Email activity summaries are sent according to the user's time zone.
  3. When you sync a calendar, dates and times will appear in your external calendar's time zone.

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