Calendar integration set up

Connect your Circa Workspace to your company's calendar client for seamless integration

With Circa's Calendar Integration, you can automate the following workflows:

Calendar Integration is a one-time set up and works at the company level. It doesn't require users to connect their calendars individually or take any additional steps.

The integration works with Google Calendar and all major editions of Outlook, including Office 365 and Exchange Server.

Set up instructions for IT

To set up Circa's Calendar Integration, you'll need to work through the Google Calendar or Outlook Admin on your company's IT team.

Review & Authorize Enterprise Connect

You can send your IT team the following Cronofy documentation to help familiarize them with the technical aspects of the integration. Calendar Integration utilizes Cronofy Enterprise Connect behind-the-scenes. 

Enable the Integration

Once authorized, the Calendar Integration can be enabled by any Circa Admin from Settings > Integrations > Calendar.

Important note for Google Calendar

Please note that the Google Calendar Admin who authorizes the integration should not have a user account on Circa with the same email address. This creates a permissions issue which prevents the integration from working properly. Instead, they should use a dedicated G Suite Admin account or collaborate with an existing Circa Admin. 

Schedule a call with us

The Circa Success Team and our partners at Cronofy are happy to assist your IT team with the set up and answer any questions. Contact us to schedule a call.

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