Important updates for Circa's new domain change

IT Administrators may need to update a few existing settings for the transition over to Circa from EventGeek.

The application will be moving from over to on Saturday 10/31. No action is required unless your team is making use of the API, has SSO enabled, or has firewall settings that affect access to the platform. All links within the application will simply redirect from EventGeek to Circa moving forward. 

If applicable, please share this article with your Organization's IT administrator. 

If you have any of the following settings already enabled for your Org, you will need to make a few critical updates to your configuration: 

Firewall Settings

If you are using a firewall and have the application whitelisted at, you'll also need to whitelist (or preferably, *

SSO Settings

If you have SSO enabled for your Org, you will need to update the root domain in your Issuer / Audience URL and Assertion Consumer Service URL to 

Note that the URL paths after should be kept as-is, so that the full URL would typically be[your domain] for Issuer / Audience and[your domain] for Assertion Consumer Service.

You do not need to update your certificate. However, if you do update your certificate, you will need to send us the latest version.

API Configuration 

All API requests should now be sent to instead of 

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