Publishing Event Calendars

Creating a Publishable Events Calendar

To create an Event Calendar, the first step is to configure an event view to show the events that you want to show. Search, filter, modify columns, sort, and choose a format. Your configuration options are rules, so any new events you create that fit those rules will show up as well. Once you have a view of the events that you want to share, the next step is to click the "Share" icon in the top right corner of the events page.

In the share menu you have several options to configure your calendar. You can name it, give it a permalink, edit the appearance, and edit the permissions. 

Once inside the builder, use the options along the right-hand side of the page to edit the logo, colors, and font for your event calendar.

Managing Published Event Calendars

To manage Event Calendars for your Org, click on the name of the calendar in the "View" section of the Events Dashboard. Shared events calendars have a people icon to the right of the name. The drop down arrow gives you access to quick options.

Once you have clicked on the link and are seeing the shared view, the "Share" icon is highlighted yellow. Click it to view the settings for the calendar, change styling or stop sharing it.

A few notes:

  1. You can create multiple Event Calendars to share with different audiences in-and-outside of your company.
  2. When you share a calendar from the "All Events" view or don't add a date filter, viewers of the Calendar are able search for all events including past events.
  3. Event Calendars update in real time - any event updates you make inside Circa will update your Event Calendars right away.

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