What are the privacy options on Event Calendars?

Select the correct permissions to share your Calendars with internal and/or external audiences.

When creating an Event Calendar, you will need to assign its Permissions. There are two options available:

  • Public, for sharing Calendars that anyone can access if they have the link. Select this option if you want to embed the Calendar on your company's website.
  • Anyone in your Company (Single Sign-On), for sharing Calendars that only people at your company can access. Contact us to enable SSO for your account.

Each of the options above requires that a potential viewer has the Event Calendar's shareable URL.

To get your Calendars' URL or embed code, just click the icon in the share menu on the calendar event view. Click the </> symbol to copy the embed code, or simply click the overlapped pages to copy the shareable URL.

A few notes:

  1. Once published, Event Calendars update in real time - any event updates you make inside Circa will update your Event Calendars right away.
  2. Viewers of the Calendar will be able to further sort and filter, as well as view the Calendar as a list, on a calendar page or as a map.
  3. To export an Event Calendar, click into the published view and use the actions menu in the upper right to download as a CSV spreadsheet.

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