How do I import Events from a spreadsheet?

If you have a list of Events in a spreadsheet that you want to upload into Circa, you can import them in CSV format.

Before you import your file, follow the instructions on how to prepare your file for import.

Importing a prepared CSV file

To import a prepared CSV file:

  1. Navigate to your Events Dashboard by clicking Upcoming Events in the sidebar.
  2. Click the actions menu (three gray dots) in the upper right, then select "Import Events (CSV)"
  3. A window will open that will prompt you to choose a file to upload. Note that only a CSV file can be uploaded.
  4. Next, map the column headers of your file (on the left) with the correct Circa event fields (on the right).
  5. Click "Next" once you have all the fields mapped. Note that Team Name and Event Name are required columns and Event Fields.
    • If you haven't added Team Members to your Org yet, click the red X next to any member-related event fields to deselect them from the upload. You can upload these fields later.
    • Alternately, if you have added your Team Members, you can map members columns with Leader or activate a custom member field from Org Reports & Settings. (You cannot upload Event Staff using the events importer).
  6. The next page will ask you to confirm that you are ready to import the events. If you're ready, click  Import.

When the import is complete, you will see a screen reporting any errors with the import. You will have the option to download a CSV file which will tell you what error occurred in an Errors column.

Downloading or reverting Event Imports

To download previous event imports, or to revert them, click the building icon at the top of the sidebar to go to Org Reports & Settings > Imports. 

Use the actions menu all the way to the right to download the original events spreadsheet you imported, or revert the import and delete all events that had been imported.

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