How do I set up the Salesforce CRM Integration?

Syncing your Circa account with Salesforce is a one-time setup that only takes a minute.

To enable the sync between Circa and Salesforce, simply navigate to Org Reports & Settings > Integrations > Salesforce.

From the "Auth" tab, simply click "Connect Account" and use your Salesforce login credentials to quickly link your account. 


To use the Salesforce integration, you'll need a Salesforce edition that supports API access and, depending on the Salesforce sync options you want to use, your Salesforce admin will need the following permissions:

  • Read/write access to Leads
  • Read/write access to Contacts
  • Read/write access to Campaigns
  • Read/write access to Campaign Members
  • Read-only access to Accounts

A note:

We recommend creating an "Integration User" – a dedicated Salesforce account with name and email address, such as:

With this approach, your team can clearly see that updates to synced Campaigns, Contacts and Meetings come from Event. 

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