How do I connect my calendar to Meeting Scheduler?

Connect individual calendars to enable availability sharing.

Each Org Member who wants to use Meeting Scheduler to share availability with Contacts will need to individually connect their calendar to Circa one time. After the initial connection is made, individuals can share availability across all events within an Org.

To connect your Outlook, Google Calendar or other external calendar with Meeting Scheduler:

  1. Go to your Account Settings by clicking on your profile pic in the top left corner of the sidebar.
  2. Navigate to the Calendar Settings tab and click the blue "Connect Calendar" button.
  3. Select your calendar from the list of Outlook, Google Calendar and other supported calendars, then follow the steps in the popup to authorize the calendar connection.

Circa has partnered with Cronofy to provide robust, real-time connections to every major calendar application. There is not additional fee for connecting your calendar through Cronofy, but you will need to agree to their Terms of Service and authorize Cronofy to view your availability (though not the specific details of your existing calendar items) and create Meetings on your behalf.

Connecting another user's calendar

If you'd like to connect another Org Member's calendar, you can send them this article or contact us to learn more about enabling calendar connection for teams.

Circa has partnered with Cronofy to provide Enterprise Connect, which enables companies to connect multiple calendars, from just a few teammates to everyone at your company, in just a few clicks.

A few notes:

  1. If you manage multiple calendars, select the one you'd like to connect. Only one external calendar can be connected to an Org Member at a time.
  2. Apple, Google, Microsoft Exchange (including on-premise), Microsoft Office 365, and Microsoft are all supported.

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