How do I send Task Assignment Notifications and Reminders automatically over email?

Send automated emails and reminders about Task assignments.

When you can assign Tasks and Subtasks to collaborators, they will receive Notifications and Reminders automatically over email.

Assigning Tasks and Subtasks

You can assign a Task to one or multiple Assignees and set Due Dates from the Checklist view or from an individual Task view by clicking into that Task.

Subtasks can also be assigned to one or multiple Assignees from within an individual Task.

Task Assignment Notifications and Reminders

There are several different Notifications and Reminders that are automatically over email once you have assigned Tasks and Set Due Date:

New Assignment Notification emails

New Assignment Notification emails are automatically sent to Assignees ~3 minutes after they are given a new assignment.

If you assign yourself a Task, you will not receive the initial New Assignment Notification, but you will receive subsequent Reminders about that Task.

Assignment Due Date Reminder emails

If a Task hasn't been marked as completed by its Due Date, the Assignees will automatically receive Reminders:

  • 3 days before the Due Date
  • 1 day before the Due Date
  • 2 days after the Due Date

"Reminder to start" emails

In addition to the reminders around a Task's Due Date, you can also set a "Reminder to start" Date for each. The Assignee will receive an automated email, similar to the Assignment Reminder email, on the date you choose. 

Managing Assignment Notification and Reminder emails

Replying to automated emails

Assignees can reply to Notification and Reminder emails to add Comments or Attachments to the Task. They can also reply with the single word "completed" to update the Task Status.

Email Settings

You can control the frequency of your Assignment Notification and Reminder emails from the Email Subscription Settings within your Account Settings menu.

There are options to batch Notifications into daily or weekly summary or to disable them entirely. Please note that EventGeek must offer an unsubscribe option to Workspace Members to comply with CAN-SPAM regulations.

A note:

You can Assign Tasks to new collaborators and Invite them to the EventGeek platform, and they will be able to update Task Status, add Comments or Attachments without having to confirm their EventGeek account first.

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