How do I review and approve Event Requests?

Managing the Event Request approval process.

Once you’ve started sending out Event Request Forms to external partners or people within your company or organization, you will begin receiving Event Requests. Each Request submission will automatically create a new event containing the information the respondent provided in the Form. 

Accessing Event Requests

When you're added as a Reviewer on a Request Form, you'll receive an email notification when new Event Requests are submitted. You can click the link in the email to view the Request.

To find your Requests Inbox from within the app, click on "Event Requests" in the sidebar. Note that you'll need to be a Workspace Admin or Team Member to access the Requests.

  • When a Request submission first shows up in your Inbox, the Request status is set to New.
  • Use the Filters dropdown to easily sort through the Requests, old and new, in your Inbox.
  • Click on an event's name to view all of the answers and information submitted via the Request Form.

Reviewing Event Requests

When reviewing information submitted via Event Request Form, reviewers can update the Request Status dropdown, choosing to return, approve, decline or archive the Request.

  • Approving a Request: After selecting "Approved" from dropdown menu, you can optionally leave a note for the respondent which will be included in their email notification. You will also select which Team you want the event to be added to. Optionally add internal comments, which will not be included in the email notification.
  • Declining a Request: After selecting "Declined" from the dropdown menu, choose the reason you are declining. You can leave a note for the respondent, which will be included in the email notification sent to them. Optionally add internal comments, which will not be included in the email notification.
  • Returning a Request: Selecting "Returned" from the dropdown menu and adding a note will send an email to the respondent, letting them know their Request was Returned. They will receive your note and will be sent a link that allows them to update their Request with more information.

Evaluating Event Requests

There are several ways to evaluate submitted Event Requests, to gauge how they will fit into your team's schedule and budget. 

  1. View Requests within your Events Dashboard to compare Event and Budget Information. Click on Upcoming Events in the sidebar and enable the Request columns using the Columns dropdown menu.
  2. Also within your Events Dashboard, use the calendar view to evaluate an Event Request in terms of time availability. Requests will appear as striped on the calendar.
  3. View Requests within Budget Reporting - grouping by Team and Request Status will help determine how Requests fit into individual Team budgets.

Please note:

Request respondents will receive the following email notifications: 1) upon their Request being received, 2) upon their Request being approved, declined or returned (including any notes) 3) if their Request has been returned to them.

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