How does the Sidebar work?

The Sidebar helps you quickly navigate through your Events and Teams, as well as access your Account Settings, Org Reports & Settings and more.

The sidebar is frequently used to navigate across Settings, Teams, Events and more. Navigation within the sidebar is best described with Actions and Views. 

Sidebar Elements

Interact with the sidebar using the following actions:  

Sidebar Views

Sidebar views can be broken down into two sections: Tasks/Events and Teams

Task/Event Views

  • My Tasks: View all of your assigned tasks
  • My Events: View all of your assigned Events
  • Upcoming Events: View all upcoming Events
  • All Events: View all Events, past and upcoming


Upcoming events are organized by Teams in the Sidebar. Clicking on a Team name will take you to an Events Dashboard, filtered for that Team's upcoming Events.

  • On left side of each Team name, there are ▶▼ triangle icons you can click to open or close each Team's upcoming Events, like a folder.
  • On the right side of each Team name, there's a gear icon, which takes you to Team Reporting and Settings.
  • On the left side of each Event, the Event Status is shown as a circle. If the circle is filled in, the Event has a status of committed. If the circle is empty, the status is either Considering, Skipping, Cancelled, or Postponed.
  • You can rearrange the Teams in the Sidebar into your preferred order by dragging and dropping the Team name. The updated order will appear in your personalized Sidebar view only -- not that of your teammates.

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