How do I sync my calendar with an Event list?

Syncing your calendar with an Event list is simple and only takes a few clicks.

EventGeek syncs with Google, Outlook and iCal calendars so that you and your collaborators can easily view Events, Checklists and Schedules from within your personal calendar interfaces. The following EventGeek data can be synced directly with your calendars: 

  • Events and Tasks
  • Schedules

Syncing Events and Tasks to an external calendar

To sync all Events or Tasks in a Team to your Google Calendar: 

  1. Click the actions menu at the top right of the Events Dashboard and click "Sync with external calendar"
  2. Select the Team from the drop-down menu
  3. Select either "All Events in Team" or "All Tasks in Team"
  4. Copy the external calendar URL and import into Google or Outlook, or download directly to add into iCal

Syncing Schedules to an external calendar

To add an Event Schedule to your Google, Outlook, or iCal Calendar:

  1. Click the actions menu in the upper right of the Schedule, then click "Send to external calendar"
  2. An .ics file will be directly downloaded to your local computer. You can upload this file in Google or Outlook to sync your schedule or open the file directly on your computer to add into iCal. 

A few notes:

  1. You must add a Start Date or Due Date in order for Events, Tasks and Schedules to appear in Google Calendar. 
  2. Calendar Integration sync is one-way and updates made in external calendars will not appear in EventGeek.
  3. Your company's IT administrator can create a Group Calendar in G Suite so that all Events in a Team or other iCal subscriptions from EventGeek automatically appear in your team's Google Calendars.

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